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This is me, or at least a picture of me. I'm happy to connect with you and share my experience as I listen to yours. We are all filled with stories and our backgrounds can become our strengths if we're kind enough to open up to others points of view. I am a producer and director for video as well as for educational and cultural activities and events.

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My Story

Although singing, dancing and drawing are definitely not my strengths I do think I am patient, consistent and creative. I love languages and deciphering culture through their use and practice, but I'm by far more of a listener than a talker.


I enjoy the multiple ways of storytelling. Whether it's video in the shape of a documentary, an educational Children's tv series or something as short and clever as a Tik Tok. Yet, it is when people come together that actual magic takes place. Whether this happens by making a movie or by creating the space for people to gather, say a festival, a conference, a picnic and now a days... yes! Even a zoom call.

Images behold power, therefore the use we make of them is one of my greatest concerns. This thought brings me to a feeling of deep responsibility for the images I create. 

Do you need the facts?

I was born in Quito, Ecuador. I´m fluent in Spanish, French an English. My German is more of an Austrian and it is quite rusty nowadays. I studied Film and I´m about to hold a master´s degree in visual anthropology. I started out as an Asistant director in Ecuadorian films, moved on to advertising as an AD and later on as a director. I finally found happiness is two cultural projects I created and this lead me back to film in it´s documentary form. I was lucky enough to be assigned a couple of educational tv series for children and right now I´m working on two documentaries. One of them is meant to be an interactive web documentary on the arts and crafts of elderly people in the heart of Quito´s historic district. 

Contact me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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